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Three tools to achieve these steps! Alone, each one is effective. Together, EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!

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Over 9 hours of educational material, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or seasoned trader, a day-trader, swing/position trader or a longer term trader, this workshop will benefit every type of trader in every Forex market.

Daily analysis that provides unique and practical multi-timeframe analysis and trade strategies for most of the major FOREX markets for short term, swing and position traders.

An all video report for the major FOREX markets focusing on what the net trend will be in different time frames which will help put you in profitable positions in the correct direction.

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NoBSFX Trading provides unique analysis and education that will teach you logical and practical trade strategies from entry, stop loss placement, stop loss adjustment and exit strategies for all types of traders and all time frames.


  - Completely Unique Price, Time and Momentum Strategies

  - Multiple Time Frame Trade Strategies

  - Multiple Unit Trade Strategies

  - Money Management

  - Logical Entry and Stop Loss Placement Strategies

  - Exit Strategies to Maximize Profit

  - Trade Strategies for Your Specific Type of Trader

  - Learn to Trade with Knowledge and Confidence


    While Jaime received a degree in Biochemistry/Cell Biology, he decided to pursue a career in trading/analysis. He had an opportunity he could not pass up to be trained by Guru and World Cup of Trading champion Robert Miner of Dynamic Traders Group. Jaime has been an active FOREX, Stock and ETF Trader since 2000 and the Chief Trade Strategist for Dynamic Traders Group since 2003. He has written numerous articles for top trading magazines and educational material teaching his analysis and trade strategies he uses in his reports and in his own trading. Download his free e-book!

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